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    Engineering Technical Advisor
    Target Business Consultants Plc



    Job Description
    Organization Strategic Goals Summary
    The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) is an autonomous federal government institution established by the investment Proclamation No.1180/2020 to carry out an efficient investment administration system and to encourage foreign and domestic investments in Ethiopia through promotional, support, and aftercare schemes. EIC’s Core objectives include enhancing the competitiveness of the national economy by promoting investments in productive and enabling sectors; creating more and better employment opportunities for Ethiopians and advancing the transfer of knowledge, skills, and technology required for the development of the country; increasing foreign exchange earnings by encouraging the expansion in volume, variety, and quality of the country’s export products and services; save foreign exchange through local production of import substitutes; augmenting the role of the private sector in the country’s economic development; exploit and develop natural, cultural, and other resources of the country; create an integrated economy by strengthening inter-sectoral and foreign-domestic investment linkages, and encourage socially and environmentally responsible investments.
    Employment Terms : Two years, Contract

    Job Requirements
    QUALIFICATIONS, Experience & Skills
    Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering/Hydraulic Engineer/ Construction of Management
    At least ten years in managing complex and large value works and contracts and combined professional work experience in either one or more of the following:
    At least five years of experience with demonstrative effectiveness, in providing technical support on contract administration issues on large and complex projects.
    Providing policy advice on economic development, industrial policy and/or investment related subjects in different developmental contexts
    Have demonstrated professional experience in the interpretation of contractual documents.
    Have extensive knowledge of national rules and regulation.
    Team leadership, program/project coordination/support type roles,
    Institutional capacity building roles business and/or public administration roles
    Experience in prioritizing and sequencing programmatic and operational activities.
    Experience creating partnerships at the national and (preferably) at the international level.
    Values, Technical And Other Skills
    Fluency in the English language.
    Strong analytical skills in economic, and social dimensions of development and investment.
    Proven analytical and opinion writing ability.
    Basic understanding of Ethiopia’s economic policies and investment system, with a broad perspective on how the entire system operates and how public, private, and informal actors operate within the system
    Highly facilitative and collaborative leadership style.
    Excellent computer (ICT) skills, analytical and data gathering skills.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    Strong set of personal values including integrity, honesty, and desire to be of service.
    How to Apply
    Submit your CV with at least 3 references from current and former supervisors, copies of relevant documents and application to
    Use the title of the position as the subject of the email

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