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List of Contractors and consultant

To work as a contractor and participate in Construction in Ethiopia; anyone needs to have a construction license from the Ethiopian ministry of construction; there is grade in different categories; General Contractors (GC 1-10) to work any civil construction works except waterworks; Building Contractor (BC 1-10) to work in the construction of buildings; Road Construction (RC 1-10) to participate in road construction, and Special contractors (SC 1-4) specialized in a single area of construction like foundation drilling.  For foreign investors only GC-1, BC-1, RC-1, or SC-1 registration is allowed. The consultant also follows more or less the same procedure to get a working license in Construction from Catagory 1 – 5, in Design and supervision. You can click below to check the list of Contractors and Consultants registered in Ethiopia.

Contractors list

list of Contractors from GC-1 to GC-6, address including phone no.

Consultant list

list of Consultants from Cat-1 to 5, easy table form

REal Estate list

list of Real estate developers, and seller’s address including phone no.



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