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Welcome to ConstructionProxy.com

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Welcome to ConstructionProxy.com – Connecting Ethiopia’s construction industry to reliable data, engineering estimates, and job & tender notification announcements.

Ethiopia’s construction industry is an ever-growing sector, with a wide variety of construction projects underway from affordable housing complexes to large-scale infrastructural developments. The challenge for both clients and contractors alike is to ensure information and data related to their projects are both accurate and up-to-date.

ConstructionProxy.com provides a centralized platform for Ethiopian contractors, architects, and engineers alike for the purpose of knowledge sharing amongst professionals in the industry as well as keeping them informed on the latest job & tender offerings throughout the country. Our pledge is to provide you with reliable data on all your upcoming needs such as lifestyle upgrades, portfolio expansions or contract bidding opportunities at every stage of each process: preparation, submission & execution.

By utilizing our service you'll simplify the complexities associated with obtaining engineering estimates allowing you to focus solely on executing your work within precise specifications in a timely manner. On our platform, we also provide technical support services where one can request an assigned professional engineer who'll provide you with guidance based on their own vast experience prior to completion or during a project's actual lifecycle if need be.

Furthermore, our goal is to keep every user updated as much as possible by featuring new announcements regarding job & tender notifications in addition to any other educational material related specifically to the construction trade so that professionals may remain aware of current happenings in the market.

At ConstructionProxy we believe that open source access is key when it comes to developing reliable data specific to Ethiopia's build sector and thus doing our part in contributing towards its advancement whilst providing a simple system that requires little effort from all parties involved.

Thank you for visiting ConstructionProxy today – make sure you check back soon!

 “Construction simplified”

What do you want?

1. List of Ethiopian Contractors

You may hear there is a job opening in one contractor and you may need an address; just browse in our category you can find it from GC/BC/RC 1 up to GC/BC/RC 6. And you can ask us for any other categories of contractor addresses. Browse other lists like

List of Ethiopian Construction Consultants

List of Ethiopian Real Estate Developers

List of Suppliers

2. Current Material Cost

Most of the time finding the current cost for the preparation of a bid or any other it takes more than a month but most of the time   

3. Engineering Estimate

Find cost breakdown for free in the Ethiopian construction industry update

4. Construction Tender (C-Tender)

Yes, there are bid posts everywhere but particularly construction, particularly for Ethiopia here, is the only choice for real free.

5. Construction Jobs

You can subscribe and stay in your workplace and check any new jobs via your email.  But only for engineers and people working in the construction sector only.

6. Find Construction Expert

Just fill out the form and request an Ethiopian construction expert for your further carrier. yes, this is for free.  

7. Construction document

Find the most important documents like engineering software manuals, engineering software, and engineering books and manual.

See this Ms project tutorial video and more ...

Construction Proxy

Your perfect getaway to the Construction industry!!!


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