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Vacancy(Storeroom Train Inspector & Rolling Stock Attendant)

    Storeroom Train Inspector & Rolling Stock Attendant
    Ethio-Djibouti standard Gauge Railway Share Company

    Qualification: Bachelors’ degree in Engineering or a related field
    Experience: Six (6) years’ experience at supervisory level
    Required Quantity, 4
    Monthly Starting Basic Salary (Birr): 17026
    Working Place: Indode

    Deadline: June 29, 2023
    How to Apply
    1- Application date within 7/Seven days from the date of this vacancy announcement.
    2- Interested and qualified applicants can scan the QR CODE below for registration.
    Link: CLICK HERE (
    3-For the level positions, applicants must submit the equivalent COC.
    4- Application from private company’s /NGO/ should bring a letter from tax duties, salary and job title has been mentioned.
    5- Work experience should be after graduation and relevant.

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