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Vacancy(Site Engineer)

    Site Engineer
    Hosea Trading House PLC



    Required: 1
    Employment Type: Project Based
    Job Requirements
    Minimum Qualification
    BSc Degree in Civil Engineering
    Work Experience
    Minimum of 5 years related experience in the area preferably in a real Estate sector
    MS Schedule
    In-depth knowledge of engineering, technology, building, construction, and design
    Proficient in the use of computer aided design (CAD) software
    Familiar with scientific analysis software as well as graphics and map creation software
    Proven track record for managing personnel and material resources
    Exemplary critical thinking, analytical, and complex problem-solving skills
    Strong time management and project management skills
    Active listening and verbal communication skills
    Ability to use the scientific process to solve problems
    Dedication to learning new concepts and strategies
    How to Apply
    Submit your CV with application letter & all supporting documents via email: in person to the Human Resource Department of the company located in Bole in front of Millennium Hall, Sevita Building 5th floor For more information contact Tel. +251116153898

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