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Vacancy(Mining Engineer)

    Mining Engineer
    Dejen G/Meskel General Export & Import


    Job Requirement

    Required Qualifications: B.SC/M.SC in Geology, Mechanical Engineering
    Work Experience:  8/6 year of practical experience respectively
    Essential competencies and skill
    Mechanical ability select and maintain mining equipment, which requires mechanical ability
    Communication – proficiently written and oral communication skills to write reports on mining operations and present findings
    Analytical ability – excellent analytical abilities to design mines and mines operations
    Computer skills- mining engineers work with GPS and computer software programs to design and manage mining operations which requires good computer skills
    Management_ mining engineers determine mine staffing needs, supervise mining staff, and make decisions regarding equipment purchases, upgrades, and repairs ,tasks which require good management
    Year of experiences will be counted after graduation
    Location : Head Office
    How to Apply
    Submit your applications and credentials in person to HR & Administration Department, located at Pecan Building, 7th floor, in front of Gurd Shola 2 Train Station, near Ethio Ceramics For further information contact Tel. +251116683738

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