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Vacancy(Architect (B3))

    Architect (B3)
    Plus Consulting PLC

    Job Description

    Architects design the overall look of houses, buildings, and other structures. They must ensure that the final product is both attractive and functional. Organizational skills. Architects often manage contracts.

    Job Requirement
    Education: B.Sc. Degree in Architecture & Urban Planning

    Work Experience: 4Yrs & Above

    Remark: Building Project

    Work Place: A/A, Head Office

    How to Apply
    Send a PDF format soft copy of your CV, Education & Experience Testimonies via Telegram at – 0973155175. For further information contact Tel.0118639883 / 0973155175

    Note: Please Mention – The Position /Code – For Which You Are Applying At The Start Of Your Telegram Message

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