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    FRANKCON Building & Road Contractor


    Job Description

    Architects investigate, design, and oversee the construction and development of buildings, urban spaces, infrastructure projects, and social spaces. They design in accordance with the surroundings and regulations applicable in specific geographic areas, taking into account factors that include function, aesthetics, costs, and public health and safety.

    Job Requirement
    Educational back ground: in architecture

    Experience: 7yrs and above

    Reminder:- All candidates should have renewed professional license.

    How to Apply
    Submit your application in person to FRANKCON Building & Road Contractor Office, located on the road from Bole Atlas Hotel to 22, Zerihun Road, around Chichiniya, in front of Barmelo or Commercial Bank or via email: trough Telegram @None12h For further information Contact Tel. 0116896845/ 0116896845/ 0703486919/ 0922482138

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