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Rental price of construction equipment: November 2013 GC

    Rental price of construction equipment starting from Dozer, excavation up to concrete mixer summarized in tabular form here. for more information, it is advisable to follow us on Telegram  

    All prices are excluding 15% VAT

    Price for November 13, 2013GC

    Equipment TypeMake Model or SupplierCurrent Market w/out fuelCurrent Market with fuel
    I. Earth Work Equipment   
    Dozer D9NCAT – D9N1,739.132,520.33
    Dozer D8RCAT – D8R1,600.002,294.40
    Dozer D7RCAT – D741,150.001,670.80
    Grader 14 HCAT – 14G1,300.001,681.92
    Grader 140 HCAT – 140G1,200.001,547.20
    Track Type Loader 210 HP700.001,081.92
    Wheel Loader 250 HP600.00981.92
    Wheel Loader 200 HP550.00897.20
    Dumper1 m3100.00186.80
    Track Type Excavator200 HP750.001,131.92
    Track Type Excavator with rock breaker200 HP1,000.001,381.92
    Backhoe Excavator120 Hp350.00662.48
    Vibratory Compactor 8-10 ton450.00632.28
    Vibratory Compactor 10-12 ton550.00793.04
    Hand Tamper 120.00120.00
    Crushing  plant 75 ton2,500.003,715.20
    Crushing  plant 120 ton3,500.005,236.00
    Generator90 kw800.001,147.20
    Generator 45 kw700.00873.60
    Driller 2,000.002,381.92
    Jack Hammer 300.00300.00
    Sand Washing Machine 120.00120.00
    Air Compressor  60.00407.20
    Pneumatic tyred rollerEstimate450.00797.20
    Sheep’s foot roller, 14TonEstimate500.00847.20
    Equipment TypeMake Model or Supplier indexed for severe working conditionRate/Hr
    II. Hauling Equipment   
    Dump Truck 14m3Nissan280.00592.48
    Dump Truck 9m3Nissan200.00477.76
    Water Truck 13,000 Lit.Nissan250.00510.40
    Truck with trailer 20t.Volvo120.00814.40
    Lowbed, 40 ton.-2,200.002,894.40
    Station wagon 4 WDToyota750.00871.52
    Pick up 4 WDToyota500.00604.16
    Mobile CraneEstimate850.001,440.24
    III. Concrete Machine   
    Concrete mixer 750/500 ltsEstimate45.0093.60
    Concrete mixer 300lt ltsEstimate30.0068.88
    Concrete vibratorEstimate25.0042.36
    Concrete vibrator (small)Estimate20.0039.44
    Bar bend. & CuttingEstimate15.0015.00
    Hand Tools 2.012.01
    IV. Other Equipments   
    Hand drillEstimate25.0025.00
    Centrifugal W/PumpEstimate25.0077.08
    Water Tanker 1.001.00
    V. Pavement Equipment   
    Asphalt Plant 3,500.003,500.00
    Asphalt Kittle 250.00684.00
    Power Broom 50.00136.80
    Aspalt Paver 4,000.004,086.80
    Asphalt Distributer 280.00696.64
    Aggregate Spreader 2,500.002,916.64
    Stationary Asphalt Heater 800.00973.60
    Generator 1,200.002,588.80
    Concrete Plant 1,200.001,200.00