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JOIN THE Zeta Construction AS A Office Engineer

    Office Engineer
    Zeta Construction

    Civil Engineering
    Addis Ababa



    Job Description
     Office Engineer responsible for managing the flow of documents between internal and external partners, preparing project reports for the office, and helping to coordinate your office’s participation in engineering and construction projects. Qualifications for this job include a mix of career experience and skills.
    Job Requirement
    Qualification: BSc Degree in Civil Engineering
    Specific Experience: 3
    Total Experience: 4
    Experience in Construction is Mandatory and Construction Industry Experience in Advantageous.
    Place of work:  Project
    How to Apply 
    Submit your CV along with your all credentials in person at Zeta Construction, located in Addis Ababa, located around 22, Getahun Beshah Building, 5th floor, HRD & Administration Department, Office 501 For more information contact Tel. +251116627915

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