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JOIN THE Santa Maria Construction PLC AS AN Office Engineer

    Office Engineer
    Santa Maria Construction PLC



    Job Description

    Office engineers perform various administrative duties and tasks. If you choose to work in this profession, you will be required to help coordinate your office’s participation in construction and engineering projects. You will also prepare project reports and manage the flow of documents.
    Job Requirement
    Qualification:  MSc or BSc Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology Management
    Experience:  8 years & above in Building Construction, from which at least 6 years  on  the specified position
    Experience in Construction Companies is mandatory.
    Qty: 2
    Place of Work:  A.A Project & Head office
    How to Apply
    Submit your non-returnable application and CV with all credentials in person to the company office, located in Addis Ababa around Bole, behind Sheger Building Santa Mariya  Construction PLC Administration Department
    N.B: It is mandatory for every applicant to attach his/her summarized work experience

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