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JOIN THE Raycon Construction AS A General Manager

    Raycon Construction

    General Manager

    Addis Ababa




    Job Requirement
    Qualification ;MSC/BSC degree in hydraulics /civil engineering
    Work experience
    General experience : 15 years and above for MSC and 10 years and above for BSc in civil or water work constriction and related works
    Specific experience : minimum five years experience as general manager of constriction company
    Technical And Managerial Skill Requirements
    ability to communicate effectively with teams and clients
    understand project requirement ,coordinate with resource with and direct the project in the right direction in a timely manner
    ability to manage change and effectively pass on the information down the line to concerned teams for smoother execution
    delegate and allocate responsibilities efficiently to manage project end to end
    proven experience in managing multiple projects
    proficient in handling the most complex of technical /engineering concepts ,latest software tools and technology, and designing techniques
    need to be strong analytical thinking who are capable of solving problems raised by clients or their employer
    need to have specific hard skill ,including a solid understanding of water works or civil constriction work standards
    effectively lead teams and inspire others to achieve goals through innovation quality and excellence
    ability to identify strengths and weakness of team member and suitably make changes if required
    encourages team interaction ,boost employee motivation and appreciate team contribution
    ability to match projects tasks with opportunities for development so that employee poetical is utilized to the maximum
    How to Apply
    Closing date : 10 days  after the job vacancy announcement date
    Address : Lideta , next to Flintstone building A.I.A business center ,4th floor office no 4

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