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JOIN Lidiya Memorial Construction PLC AS A Office Engineer

    Office Engineer
    Lidiya Memorial Construction PLC



    Job Description
    Lidiya Memorial Construction plc. Is looking for experienced, energetic, and committed professionals for the position of office Engineer
    Key Duties & responsible
    Preparing Interim (main) Payment & Sub Contract Payment.
    Preparing work schedule, Cost Analysis for the project
    Preparing Takeoff sheet & bar schedule Supervised and checked construction on site.
    Prepared/ processed Daily, Weekly and monthly plan & report.
    Supervised and checked construction on site.
    Should be familiar with basic engineering software’s such as Auto cad, MS,
    Studies drawings, specifications, contract document & bill of quantities thoroughly and confirm that they are free from error & implement them accordingly
    Application period- 1 week
    Job Requirements
    Required education, experience & Competencies.
    BSc Degree or higher in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management.
    3-4 years’ experience in Building Construction, Structures (Concrete and steel), as an office engineer.
    Qualifications for this job include a mix of career experience and skills
    How to Apply
    Submit your applications via email: or in person to the company office, located around Gotera, near Wongelawit building, at MAYSWI Building on the 2nd floor. For further information contact Tel. +251913080655/ +251946373369

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