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JOIN BamaCon Engineering PLC AS A Site Engineers

    Site Engineers
    BamaCon Engineering PLC
    Addis Ababa



    Job Description
    Site engineers work chiefly on construction projects. They form part of construction management and use their skills and expertise to guide crew members and ensure the successful completion of a project. Site Engineers frequently liaise with clients and negotiate with vendors and suppliers to secure the best deals.
    Job Requirement
    Qualification: BSc In civil Engineering/Construction management
    Additional Skills & Work Experience: 6 years’& above experience in Building Projects
    Qty: 4
    Place of Work: Addis Ababa Projects
    How to Apply
    Submit your CV along with your application letter for the specified position via email: or in person to Bamacon Engineering’s Head office, located around Welo Sefer, Garad Mall, 3rd floor For further information contact Tel. +251115579163

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