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JOIN At-Con Engineering & Architecture Consultancy Plc AS A Structural Engineer

    Structural Engineer
    At-Con Engineering & Architecture Consultancy Plc
    Addis Ababa


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    Full Time
    Job Description
    Structural engineers design structures that must endure stresses and pressures inflicted through human use and environmental conditions. They configure structures, choose appropriate building material, inspect the construction work, and ensure the structural soundness of buildings and structures.
    Duties & Responsibilities:
    Prepare reports, designs, and drawings.
    Make calculations about pressures, loads, and stresses.
    Consider the strength of construction materials and select appropriately.
    Provide technical advice on safe designs and construction.
    Obtain planning and/or building regulations approval.
    Job Requirements:
    BSc Degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering or in a related field of study
    Minimum of 8-10 years of experience on preparation of Structural Designs, Specifications, Cost Estimate, Material Approval and Coordination of all Design works for both Design and Supervision Contracts of Building Projects. Capable of operating structural design Software’s.
    How to apply:
    Submit your CV along with your educational background, work experience and cover letter via email: or through telegram using +251911909804 / 0911570707 For further information contact Tel. 0116479497
    Address: Addis Ababa, C.M.C Near to Noc Gas station In front of Abyssinia bank Mati Building 6th floor R. No. 606

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