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JOIN Alemayehu Ketema General contractor AS A Material Engineer

    Material Engineer
    Alemayehu Ketema General contractor
    Addis Ababa




    Job Description
    Materials engineers source, test and assess the materials used in construction. They ensure that building foundations and materials are suitable and offer guidance on the best materials to use for a project, based on their individual properties, project costs and timeframes.
    Job Requirement
    Educational Background: MSc or BSc Degree in Civil Engineering, Construction & Management
    Total work experience (years): 9/10
    Experience with similar works: 8/9
    Scope of work: Earthen Dam
    Required number: 3
    Location: Project
    How to Apply
    Submit your non-returnable application with CV and copies of relevant documents in person at Alemayehu Ketema General Contractor located in Yerer Ber LEKA Building , 4th floor , Human Resource Development & Adminsration Department For more information contact Tel. +251116477808

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