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invitation to bids by The B/G/R/state Education Bureau


    1. The B/G/R/state Education Bureau now invites bids from eligible bidders for furnishing the necessary labor, material and equipment for the construction and completion Baro hoarding school expansion construction at Baro treble in the region respectively.

    1. You may obtain further information from .and inspect and acquire the bidding documents at B/G/R/State Education Bureau Procurement Property Administration Directorate office No 08. P.O. Box 64, Tel. 0577752979 Asossa.
    2. A complete set of bidding documents may be purchase at the above office and upon payment of a none refundable fee of Ethiopian Birr 500/five hundred/for each package from the first publication of the notice on the Ethiopian Herald news paper from 2:30 to 6:30 and 7:30 to 11:30 o clock at local time from Monday to Friday at the above mentioned office.
    3. All bids must be accompanied by security of 500,000 ETB five hundred Thousand Birr) in C.P.O payable order must be delivered to at B/G Education Bureau
    4. Interested bidder shall submit certificate of suppliers registration from GC-4/BC-4 and other documentary evidence which include.
      5.1. Renewed trading License for the current Year
      5.2. Tax clearance certificate valid for the current year.
      5.3. VAT and TIN number registration certificate
      5.4. Temporary registration certification from B/G Urban Development and Construction Bureau 5.5.Suppliers registration certificate
    5. Bid will be closed on the first 30 calendar days of the announcement at 4:00 O’clock and open on the same date 4:30 o’clock local time in the presence of bidders and representatives at B/,G/R/ State Education Bureau Procurement Property Administration Direct ate Room No 08.
    6. Bidders should submit their technical and finical proposal (For each, one original and two copy in separate envelop (label as “original” and “copy”).
    7. Bidders required to visit the site and read the;:bidding document and the instruction to bidders thoroughly in order to fill all the necessary details requested on the schedule.
    8. The Bidder must agree to give a minimum of 10% of the construction work to Small and Micro Enterprises through sub contract, if there are small and micro enterprises in the region that organized in construction sector
    9. The Bidder must agree to procure construction materials and services. if there are small and micro Enterprises in the region that organized for these services.
    10. The construction of the works shall be completed within a maximum of 730 calendar days starting from the commencement of the work.
    11. The B/G/R/S/E/BUREAU reserves the right to reject all or any of bids.

      B/G Education Bureau Procurement property administration directorate IN ASSOSA

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