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invitation to bids by Oromia Development Association


    Oromia Development Association (ODA) is a non-governmental organization established to fill the development gap in Oromia region and ensure effective implementation of the region short and long term development programs and projects in terms of time, finance and quality through effective project management to sustain the ongoing rapid development of the country. ODA has secured sufficient budget from A Glimmer of Hope Foundation and the beneficiary community towards the cost of the procurement of infrastructure implementation of education project in Oromia region (East Hararge Kersa District) and intends to use these funds to place a contract for which these bidding documents are issued.

    Oromia Development Association is now, invites eligible bidders that have BC-5 or GC-5 and above license for construction projects. The bidder shall provide appropriate documentary evidence demonstrating its compliance which shall include.

    1. Business trade license valid for the current Ethiopian fiscal year (EFY, 2016),

    2.Business registration license,

    3. VAT registration certificate,

    4.TIN (tax identity number),

    5.Valid tax clearance certificate and registration in the suppliers list of public procurement and property administration agency (PPA or eGP), for the construction Works; by providing all necessary materials and labor for works mentioned.

    1) Lists of projects.

    S.No :- A
    Project Name :- Construction Projects
    Proposed Activities :-
    Lot Numbers :-
    Remark :-

    S.No :- 1
    Project Name :- Baha Biftu CPS
    Proposed Activities :- One Academic Block
    Lot Numbers :- Lot 1
    Remark :-

    S.No :- 2
    Project Name :- Watar Town B Type Vet Post
    Proposed Activities :- Main Block Construc- tion, Main Gate for fence & Cattle Crush
    Lot Numbers :- Lot 1
    Remark :-

    S.No :- 3
    Project Name :- Mada Oda LPS
    Proposed Activities :- One Academic Block & 1 DPLS
    Lot Numbers :- Lot 2
    Remark :-

    S.No :- 4
    Project Name :- Awukulay CPS
    Proposed Activities :- 1 Academic Block & 2 DPLS
    Lot Numbers :- Lot 3
    Remark :-

    S.No :- 5
    Project Name :- Jaba Watar Basic HP
    Proposed Activities :- OPD Block, DPLs, Placental Pit, Fence, staffresidence & Incinerator
    Lot Numbers :- Lot 4
    Remark :-

    2) Bidding will be conducted in accordance with the open bid tendering procedures contained in the National competitive bidding (NCB) as specified in the biding documents.

    3) Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Oromia Development Association Procurement and property administration Department, Tel. +251-116 392-194/+251-116-392-176 Or else physically by coming to office found at Oromia tower 6 floor room number 605, located around Bole Medihanialem (a) From 2-30-11 30 Local Time (From, Monday to Friday).

    4) A complete set of bidding documents prepared in English language may be purchased by any interested eligible bidders from the first date of this announcement on The Ethiopian Herald newspaper by presenting documents mentioned under items listed in the table above to Oromia Development Association Procurement and property administration Department, bidders can receive bid documents upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Birr 300 Br (Three Hundred Birr) for each lots mentioned above.

    5) Bid proposals comprising one original and one copy of the technical (qualification), of which one original and one copy must be separately signed, stamped and wax sealed. And one original and one copy of financial proposal must be separately signed, stamped and wax sealed in a separate envelope clearly marking “ORIGINAL” and “COPY”, and all off the four separately wax sealed,stamped and signed envelopes must be placed in a one outer envelope signed, stamped and wax sealed. This outer envelope shall bear the submission address, specific name of project (lot number) the bidder is competing, signature and address of the bidder and presented to Oromia development association address:-Bole Medihane alem Oromia tower 6th floor procurement and property administration

    6) Each bids must be accompanied by bid security enclosed with the separate envelope in the amount of One percent (1%) of the amount of BOQ, furnished by certified (C.P.O.) issued by a recognized Domestic Bank so as to be valid for 90 days after bid submission date. Separate Envelope for Bid Bond shall be attached to original Technical Qualification placed inside the mother envelope.

    7) All Bids must be delivered to the address below within 21 (Twenty-one calendar days) after the first day of this bid is announced on the newspaper at 4:00 Local time. Late bids shall be rejected. Bids will be opened on the same date at 4:30Local Time in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in person at the address below. If this day is nota working day the next calendar day is the day on which the bids should be closed and opened

    a) Address documents may be inspected at: – ODA building 6″ floor,

    b) Address documents will be issued from: ODA building 6″ floor, Procurement & Property administration Department, 6th floor,

    c) Address Bids must be delivered to: procurement & property administration Department, 6th floor,

    d) Address of Bid Opening: ODA Conference hall on 7th floor

    8) Without incurring any bidder the Employer reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

    Oromia Development Association

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