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invitation to bids by east hararghe zone water and energy office

    Bid No:-SCL/WBIGHB/PDBB 02/2016

    1. The East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Office has received budget from Oromia Water and Energy Bureau to cover eligible payment under the contract for the construction of civil works, Supply and installation of Electro mechanical equipment and solar Components for “Oda Kabana, Cophi Dagaga and Awbare! Nagaya Water Supply-Projects” located in East Hararghe Zone of Dadar, Gola Oda and Gursum woredas respectively.
    2. Bidding is open to all eligible bidders of; Construction work License WWC-3/ WWGC-3 and above renewed for the current budget year, that shall summit Certificate of Registration from Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy/ Oromia Construction Authority renewed for the current Budget year (2016 E.C) and who have renewed their trade license for the current fiscal year and have VAT registration certificate and Tax clearance certificate valid during the Bid period from the Authorized Governmental body.
    3. Bidder shall obtain bid documents from East Hararghe Zone Finance Office, by paying non-refundable
      fee of birr 1,000.00 (One thousand birr) only. starting from the day announcement made up to 21 working days and will be closed on 22 day (if it is Holiday the next working day) 4:00 local time at the morning and opened at 4:30 local time at the same day at the Zonal Administration Office Hall.
    4. Bids shall be valid for a period of 120 days after bid opening and must be accompanied by a bid security of ETB 300,000.00 (Three hundred thousand birr) in the form of CPO only.
    5. The bid security to be submitted by a bidder shall be 148 days in pursuance with ITB 21.1. Submission of lesser bid security validity period from the 148 days would be a cause for rejection.
    6. The bid security submitted by a bidder shall carefully address the employer’s name, the exact name of project for which it is submitted the validity of the bid security. Failure of stating any of which would cause rejection from the bid.
    7. Submittal of any forged technical document by a bidder, if proven, would entail serious criminal accountability of forfeiture of the bid security and disqualification from the bid process.
    8. Technical qualification document shall be prepared in one original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped & separately wax-sealed envelopes, clearly marking “Haadhoo/Original”, “Warzabbii/Copy-1” and “Waraabbii/copy-2”. The Financial document shall be prepared in one original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped & separately wax-sealed envelopes, clearly marking “Haadhoo/original”, “Waraabbii/copy 1” and “Waraabbii/copy-2”.
    9. All the technical and financial documents need to be ultimately put all together into one bigger outer envelope in pursuance with ITB 24.
    10. Copies of the technical documents to be submitted by a bidder need to be sufficient visible, any vague or invisible copy technical document submitted would not be taken into consideration during technical evaluation process.
    11. Original document of trade license, VAT Certificate, Tax clearance, Registration Certificate, Construction license, renewable certificate of competence from FCA/MWRE/OCA and other related document must be present at the opening days.
    12. Any contractor who has termination history with Bureau, Zonal Offices and other regional sectors or any other authorized sector with bad performance (proved) in their past contractual period, the client has full right to reject this contractor during technical evaluation.
    13. The bid will be opened at the presence of Company owner or their representative who wish to attend.
    14. Late bids shall be automatically rejected.
    15. Misplacing of documents would be a cause for rejection of the bid document.
    16. The office reserves full right to reject any or all bids.
      P.O. Box 1133, Tel, 025-666-05-70/025-666-19-16, Fax 025-666-68-11, kebele 18, Aretegna Harar

      East Hararghe Zone Water and Energy Office (EHEO)

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