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invitation to bids by Central Ethiopia Regional State


    Central Ethiopia Regional State Irrigation Scheme and Development Administration Agency.
    Invitation to Bid for Procurement of Civil works contract for Construction of Woldiya Medium Scale Irrigation Project and Kosho Small Scale Irrigation Project Remaining Construction Works.

    Procurement Reference Number:

    1. Woldiya MSIP Remaining construction Works. Ref. No. RFCW/CERS-ISDAA/SDG-001/16
    2. Kosho SSIP Remaining construction Works. Ref No. RFCW/CERS-ISDAA/SDG-002/16
      The Central Ethiopia Regional State Irrigation Scheme and Development Administration Agency (ISDAA) now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the construction of the following Irrigation project Remaining Construction Works:

      No:- 1
      Name of Project:- Woldiya MSIP Remaining Construction Works
      Water Abstraction type:- Diversion
      Command Area (Ha):- 240
      Zone:- Easter Guragie
      Woreda:- Sodo Woreda
      Kebele:- Firshi
      Category & Grade:- WWC-3 OR WWC-3 with GC-3 & above
      Bid Security Amount (ET Birr):- 500,000

      No:- 2
      Name of Project:- Kosho SSIP Remaining Construc- tion Works
      Water Abstraction type:- Diversion
      Command Area (Ha):- 100
      Zone:- Yem
      Woreda:- Deri
      Kebele:- Dicha
      Category & Grade:- WWC-3 OR WWC-3 with GC-3 & above
      Bid Security Amount (ET Birr):- 450,000
    1. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security for 120calendar days in the form of either of an unconditional guarantee issued by a bank, or CPO in the amount as indicated in the table above.
    2. A contractor will be selected using the national competitive bidding (NCB) meth- od in accordance with the PPA, Procurement directive. The NCB process will in- clude a review and verification of qualifications and past performance, including a reference check, prior to the contract award.
    3. Please note that a pre-bid conference will not be held as described in the Bid Data Sheet (“BDS”), Section III of the bidding document.
    4. Interested eligible Water Works Contractors (WWC) or Water Works Contractors (WWC) with General Contractors (GC) who has competence certificate from the concerned body, renewed trade license, VAT and Tax Payer registration cer- tificates for the budget year can participate. May obtain further information and inspect the bidding documents from the Central Ethiopia Regional State Irriga- tion Scheme and Development Administration Agency at the address below during office hours 2:30 to 6:30 (Morning) and 7:30 to 11:30 (Afternoon) local time from Monday to Friday.
    5. Bidders interested in submitting a bid shall purchase the bidding document against payment of a nonrefundable fee of ETB 400 (Four hundred Ethiopian Birr only) by giving full contact details of the bidder, to the following point of contact. This will ensure that the bidders receive updates regarding this bidding document.
    6. Bidders who wish to participate in the bidding process should sub- mit 1 (one) original and 2 (two) copies of separately sealed tech- nical and financial documents and the bid security/CPO should be within on the original technical documents all in one mother envelope to the address below before the bid submission deadline stated below.
    7. The deadline of bid submission in the tender box: The bid will be closed on the next day of after 30 Calendar days from the date of published the newspaper at 8:00 O’clock local time. The bid will be opened immediately thereafter, at 8:30 O’clock local time on the same day on presence of bidders’ representative ISDAA at Procurement and Property administrative Directorate who choose to attend. If the Bid Opening date is weekend (Saturday & Sunday) or Holiday, Opening Date will be the next working day. Late bid will be rejected and return unopened.
    8. Evaluation is to be carried out in two stages technical qualification first & financial bids of qualified bidders next.
    9. Bidders should be aware that late bids will not be accepted under any circum- stance and will be returned unopened at the written request and cost of the bidder. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security or a bid securing declaration (as required) in the manner and amount specified in the Bid Data Sheet.
    10. The Agency reserves the Right to accept or reject parts of or the entire bid
    11. Please note that electronic bids shall not be accepted.
    12. Address for submittal and opening of the bid is:

      Central Ethiopia Regional State Irrigation Scheme) e tion Agency. Street Address: In front of Gurage Zone Finance Department SCANNER Floor number: Ground Procurement and Property Administration Directorate City: Welkite….

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