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invitation to bids by Benishangul Gumuz regional state


    1. The Benishangul Gumuz regional state finance bureau now invites eligible contractors of Category GC-6 or BC -5 and above who would be financially
      and technically capable to furnish the necessary labor work to undertake the maintenance of administration office
    2. Interested bidder should submit:
      (a) Certificate of registration from relevant :Ministry renewed for 2016 EFY with Category GC.-5 or BC-5 and above and other appropriate documentary evidences demonstrating the bidder’s compliance, which shall include:
      i. Trade and Competency certificate for the year 2016 EFY
      ii. Tax clearance and tin No.
      iii. VAT Registration
      iv. Suppliers list
      v. Trade Registration certificate
    3. The bid document can be purchased From B.G:R.S finance bureau Procurement and Property administration Directorate t office No 16 tele 0577750 674-tele calendar days beginning from the first announcement date on the upon a payment of nom fundable fee of Ethiopian Birr 500/five hundred ETB)
    4. Eligible contractions may oblation further information and inspect the qualification document at benishangul Gumuz regional finance bureau procurement and property administration directorate office
    5. The bid document shall be accompanied by a security in the form of only CPO with amount 100,000 birr and must be addressed to B/G /R/S/ finance bureau Sealed bid documents shall be submitted B/G/R/S//finance bureau, Procurement and Property administration Directorate Office not later than 21 calendar days beginning from the first date of, advertisement before 4:00 local Time and if the 21th day fall on Holidays the bid opening day be the next working day at specified time mentioned above
    6. The bid will be opened on the last bid submission date at 4:30 Local Time at B/G/ R/S/ finance bureau Institute Office Procurement and Property administration Directorate Office in the presence Of bidders or their legal representatives.
    7. Bidders are required to visit the site and read the bidding document and the instruction to bidders thoroughly in order to fill all the necessary details requested in the schedule.
    8. . No advance birr this project
    9. Financial and technical document must he submitted one original and two copies
    10. The employer reserves to reject all any or all bid

      Benishangul Gumuz regional State Finance Bureau

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