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invitation to bid by The Ethiopian Red Cross Society

    Invitation to Bid

    1. The Ethiopian Red Cross Society Amhara Regional Branch Office invites eligible and qualified contractors of category EC-6, BC-6, WWC-6, and GC-6, and above with Trade license and registration certificate of eligibility for the work from the Ministry/Bureau of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, or urban development minister/Bureau valid for the current year for furnishing the necessary labor, for solar installation work. This bid has two lots (lot-1, rehabilitation of non- functional water systems including supply and installation of solar systems in north Gonder zone, Janamora Woreda, at Koga Wasel site, and lote- 2, Availing utilities and making climate friendly, solar electrification in south wollo zone, Legambu Woreda, at at Akste health center).
    2. Interested eligible bidders can purchase a complete set of bidding document paying a non-refundable ETB 200 (Two Hundred Birr) from Amhara Regional Branch office finance and admin division office, and it is possible to compute for both lots and one lot.
    3. All tenders must be submitted to Ethiopian Red Cross Society Amhara Regional Branch office along with a BID SECURITY (BID BOND) in acceptable forms SPECIFIED IN THE BIDDING DATA SHEET amounting to 2% of the bid offer, on separate envelope. The CPO should be valid for 28 days after bid validity.
    4. Financial offer shall be produced in separate envelopes labelled as ORIGINAL and COPY. TECHNICAL OFFER shall be made in a separate third wax sealed envelope clearly labelled as TECHNICAL OFFER. The three envelopes shall then be sealed, signed and stamped inside a sealed, signed and stamped outer envelope, addressed to Ethiopian Red Cross Society whose address is mentioned below.
    5. Bid will be closed on 15th consecutive calendar day at 12:00 am, and technical document will be opened on the same day at 2:00 pm in the presence of those bidders on their authorized representatives who are willing to attend the event at ERCS Amhara regional branch office conference hall.
    6. If the 15th consecutive calendar day’s day is a holiday, closing and opening will be the next working day.
    7. Bidders are advised to read the bidding document thoroughly in order to fill all the necessary details requested in the bid document.
    8. Bidders are required to fill all the necessary details requested in the bid document.
    9. Failure to comply with the conditions from no.2 to 8 above shall result in an automatic rejection.
    10. Ethiopian Red Cross Society Amhara regional branch office reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without fixing any reason thereof.

      Ethiopian Red Cross Society Amhara Regional
      Branch Office
      Bahir Dar

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