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General Foreman

    General Foreman

    Construction Nov 29, 2021

    General Forman Compound Construction

    Deadline: Dec, 5/2021

    Position: General Forman

    Job Time: full-time

    Job Type: Permanent

    Place of Work: Project

    Deadline: Dec, 5/2021

    Compound Construction Administration and Human Resource Development Department

    Job Title: General Forman Education: Diploma/Level IV

    Experience: 10-12 years and better than worked in construction (especially waterworks) Specific experience on the water system and connected construction comes is obligatory

    Other Skills: Good Communication and group action Skills Fluent in Amharic and English

    Quantity: two

    Place of Work: different Project Sites

    How to apply

    Interested candidates are required to send CVs. Application Letter and Non-Returnable Copies of their papers among seven days of this


    Address: On the Asphalt Road from British Embassy to Signal before of Misirak Poly Technic College, Next to Wende Laundry Email:

    Phone: 011 611 66 61

    Mobile: 0911 52 4451, 0920 22 23 83