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The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) has signed an agreement with Rama Construction Plc for the construction of the so far most expensive road project at a cost of 69.2 million Br a kilometre.

The road, extending from Azezo-Gonder, covers 12.6 kilometres and will be constructed at a total cost of 871.6 million Br. The project takes the place of the Melka Jebdu – Dire Dawa road projects, which cost the Authority 63.5 million Br per kilometre. Nevertheless, the road is three times less expensive than the most expensive highway road project, Qality Interchange – Tulu Dimtu Highway.


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The Azezo-Gonder road has two lanes with a 10.6 metre width on each side, accommodating six cars at once. The lanes have 2.5 meters of dividing section (central reservation). The road also has sidewalks on both sides, stretching three metres each. It also has three bridges as well as 34 drainage pipes. It is expected to be completed within two years.

The contract was signed between Araya Girmaye, director general of ERA, and Ferew Tedla, managing director of Rama, on May 23, 2017, at Hilton Addis Hotel. Rama previously executed Tsegede Junction – Ketema Nigus upgrading road project, according to Daniel Shiferaw, road and industry coordination department manager at Rama.

The project was signed along with 18 more new road projects located in five regional states. Out of the total 19 road projects, 12 of them were awarded to local contractors, while the remaining are to be constructed by Chinese companies.

These 19 projects cover a total of 1,007 kilometres, raising the number of road projects awarded to contractors to 50, costing the government 43.4 billion Br. The construction of these roads will create job opportunities for 25,000 people.

This contract signing ceremony is a record high in terms of the number of projects signed in a day. Two years ago, the Authority awarded 13 projects in a single day, which was the highest until the signing of the new projects, according to Samson Wondimu, communications director at ERA.

Among the 16 contractors that won the right to construct the projects, Sur Construction, Bridge Construction Plc, Rama, Aser Construction Plc, Zongmei Engineering Group, China Gezhouba Group, and Shandong Highway Construction have previously worked with ERA.

On the other hand, Tekleberhan Ambaye Construction, Eshetu Lemma Road Construction, Jiangxi Water & Hydropower Construction and China Railway 21st Bureau Group are working with ERA for the first time.

The consultancy for 17 road projects is not yet decided as it is in the bidding process. SG Consulting Engineers and Net Consulting & Architects are selected to supervise two of the projects. The former supervise the 36 kilometres long Babile-Fik road project constructed by Yotek construction, at the cost of 447 million Br. Net Consulting worked on the 30.5 kilometre long Bole Junction- Weteredno flower plantation development constructed by Eshetu Lemma Construction at a cost of 360 million Br.

Apart from the 19 projects, an agreement for a feeder road project in Hosena was meant to be signed with Yosef Teketle General Contractor on the same day, but the agreement could not be signed because the documents of the accord were not fulfilled, according to Samson.

Zongmei Engineering Group won the least expensive road project at 7.4 million Br per kilometre to construct the Ambo to Gedo Asphalt.

Source : Fortune


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